The long awaited sighting of the Yellow Goatsbeard

I saw several of these wonderful wildflowers over a year ago. They are the most interesting flower I have ever seen. After searching all year long I finally found this lonely one all by itself. I have seen several pods, which they come out of, but for some reason I haven’t seen any flowers until now. This one’s a little ragged and underdeveloped, but I still like it.

Goatsbeard: An Amazing Looking Flower

This is a very interesting and quite amazing looking flower called Goatsbeard. What I was most interested in is how the green blades of grass grows just in back of the flower and sort of highlights the flower. So beautiful! God is so good to give us this beautiful flower.

Here, pictured above on the right is the pod which it grows out of.  I have seen plenty of these pods, but until recently, it didn’t know what grew out of them.

Plants of the genus Tragopogon are commonly called “Goatsbeards” while the different species within the genus have various, sometimes confusing, common names. Goatsbeards are a close relation to the Hawkweeds. Yellow Salsify is an introduced and naturalized erect biennial reaching to 3 feet in height on stems that sometimes branch near the base. Stems are initially covered with flattened matted hairs that then turn woolly and drop off leaving a smooth mature stem. Stems are green but most pick up a reddish tint, hollow, and contain a milky sap.

Source: The Friends of the Wild Flower Garden, Inc.