Reflections On the Water


Reflections of Trees and leaves on the water.

A photograph sometimes causes you

to see things you ordinarily wouldn’t see.

It sort of magnifies the images.

It captures the natural beauty of nature.

It puts a frame around its loveliness.

These pictures also reminds me of the perfect law of liberty–from James 1:25. If we look intently and steadily into it, we will also see things that we naturally wouldn’t see. And then as we heed it, we will be blessed.

Bursting Milkweed Pods Will Help to Save the Monarch Butterflies


I spotted these bursting milkweed pods on my nature walk yesterday. Hopefully the wind will carry these, and many more, milkweed seeds and deposit them in fertile ground.

One article I read gives us the reason why milkweed is so needed in North America.

Milkweed is essential for the survival of Monarch butterflies. They depend on milkweed to shelter their eggs and feed their caterpillars.

From this same article, Missing Monarchs and Marvelous Milkweed, you can read about three additional reasons why milkweed plants are super cool!

It Is that Time of Year


It is that time of year when you can’t decide what to wear. Is it too cold for shorts? Is it too warm for a jacket?

The weather is chaotic. One day it’s cold and rainy. The next day it’s warm and dry.  Hey, I’m trying to get my painting done!

It seems that even the leaves are undecided. Should I stay green or should I turn brown and orange?

Little Fat Birds Sitting On Tree Branches


It’s hard to see these birds in such poor light, but because of the hair standing up on the back of their head, and their round size, I would say, maybe they are a Rufous-naped Tit (Periparus rufonuchalis). Anyway, it looks like they are quite a social little bird and a very cute little fat bird. And, as it looks, though they like to hang together, they don’t get too close to each other—I mean, you can see that when they sit on a branch together there is always a good space between them.

Aren’t we like that too. When we sit in the chairs (or pew) at church, we like our space on either side of us.